With the flexibility and the spaciousness of the BAGPAX® Compact Class Series, it is particularly appropriate for transporting everything that is around your house, your office, or your garden.

Constructed of water-repellent and tearproof polypropylene material, BAGPAX® is designed to protect the interior of your car from dirt as well as wear and tear. BAGPAX® comes folded up in its own carrying case to take up only a minimal amount of space in your car. Easy to use, BAGPAX® offers great value at a low price.

BAGPAX® - Enjoy the safe and carefree way of transporting cargo in your car.
Only the original BAGPAX® offers such comfort and convenience.
BAGPAX® makes use of the entire space in the rear of your car allowing you to transport all kinds of cargo. A trailer is no longer necessary.
Safely enclosed, no more dirt, no crawling insects or moisture in the car. Save yourself from scratches and the necessity of cleaning up after transporting cargo.
BAGPAX® can be installed quickly and easily and does not require any changes to your car. Four vacuum cups hold the BAGPAX® cargo system safely. The vacuum cups may remain in place even when you are not using the BAGPAX®.
Since the silicon straps will adapt to any kind of trunk, BAGPAX® can be used universally no matter whether your back seats are flipped over or not.
When opened, the BAGPAX® protects the rear as well as the rim of the trunk of your car. The delicate ceiling of your car is also well protected.
If you don’t have enough time to fold up your BAGPAX® properly, you can simply stuff it into the carrying case because the carrying case will expand to provide a lot of extra space.
Applicable to all compact class cars as well as SUVs:

VW Polo / Golf / Touran
Audi A2 / A3 / A3 Sportsback
Mercedes A-Class/ B-Class
BMW 1 Series / 3 Series Sports hatch
Vauxhall Corsa / Astra
...and many other compact class cars
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length: 130 cm
width: 95 cm
height: 70 cm
volume: 818 Liter

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